Our Expertise in Commercial Construction & Office Fitout Sydney

Why Choose Odyssey?

Odyssey Construction & Fitout has the experience and know-how to undertake construction projects & quality office fitout projects in Sydney and across all sectors.

We are a duly registered construction company in Australia with and proven track record in delivering excellent projects.

Construction that transforms your office

We can transform your workspace to add fresh designs and layouts that can boost staff morale, improve productivity, and enhance the public impression of your business centre.

Our team starts the process by listening to your unique requirements and objectives.

We also find what is currently working within your current space while identifying the opportunities for improvement.


Odyssey Expertise - Areas We Excel

While we can deliver workspace projects across a diverse range of sectors, we specialise in the following areas:

Commercial office





Office Fitout Sydney FAQS

What is construction management?

We deliver our projects under a Construction Management engagement where our team is involved from preconstruction through completion.

Using this construction management process, we can provide advice and guidance to the clients and design team in relation to budget, buildability and program of designs.

This project process ensures that all stakeholder outcomes are achieved within the required timeframe.

How soon can I get an estimate?

The standard time for sending an estimate to a potential client is 5 to 7 working days. But we are usually faster than this, so most of our clients receive their quotes within a few days.

Rest assured that you will receive a tailored-fit estimate. We look into the project and develop a proposal containing the time frame, budget, scope, and other factors needed to provide you with a general overview.

What is the time frame to complete a project?

The time frame to complete a project varies depending on the type of project and the sector.

When you choose to work with us, we will create a tailored-fit program to help you understand the time frame and the factors affecting the turnaround time.

Do you have a checklist of documents that clients need to provide?

Yes. During the early stages of our engagement, we’ll send you a checklist of documents you need to send to us to start designing your project.