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Our approach to medical fitouts

Looking for quality medical fitouts your patients will love?

Odyssey is an experienced provider in allied health care & medical fitouts in Sydney & nationwide.

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Your Patients Deserve the Best

Hospitals and clinics are starting to shift away from the once monotonous design favouring bright and stimulating designs.

Odyssey is an expert construction & fitout firm that showcases artistic design that can help your patients recovery.

What you can expect and how it will help with your patients

When you choose to work with Odyssey, our design team will provide you with interiors that maximise your medical office and feature styles that can help your patients relax.

Bespoke medical fitouts are not only aesthetics but can help you gain your patients’ trust.

Medical Fitouts Sydney FAQS

What is a medical fitout?

A medical fitout refers to improving the inside space of a hospital, clinic, or health centre

The fitout includes walls, tiles, ceilings, furnishings, lightings, and other elements to enhance the medical space.

It also includes installation of medical compliant electrical wiring, communication cabling and infection control methods tailored to ensure medical practice accreditation and standards.

Are your medical fitouts adhere to the industry standards, safety and regulations?

At Odyssey, all our fitout projects follow industry regulations, standards, and compliances.

And with medical fitouts, we make sure that the health safety standards are met in consultation with you and our team.

How long a medical fitout project will take?

The timeframe for any fitout work will vary from one project to another.

Size, design, and regulatory compliances are essential factors to determine the time of completion.

When you choose to work with Odyssey, we will provide you with an estimate that contains the timelines and the cost, manpower, and regulatory requirements.

What are the regulatory needs required to complete a medical fitout?

For GP medical fitouts in Australia, you should follow the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) standards.

Another resource to look into is the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG).